ITP based in Cheam, completes 12 years of Service

IMG_3862.PNGcanvasOn top of more than 20 years of Service from Statacom our previous company, ITP is now in its 12th Year of Operations in its own right. In that time, we are proud to say we have:

  • Provided Consultancy and Design for 100’s of Innovative Technology Solutions for Businesses and Residential Customers.
  • Supplied, Installed, Commissioned and supported 1000’s of PCs, Laptops and Servers
  • Delivered Tens of 1000’s of Engineering Man-Hours of On-premise and remote support for various Technologies.
  • Developed our Connectivity, Cloud, Telephony and Support Technology Offerings. We can connect anything to anything almost anywhere with most available technologies.
  • Provided Redundant Power, data Centres, and technology for Business Continuity for 100s of Businesses.
  • Established ourselves as a one-stop Technology Company.

We thank our Customers and Suppliers for their Support to Our Business  and look forward to the Exciting and Challenging times ahead