Monthly Archives: March 2015

Late Night Shopping Evening- on Thursday 14th May

Cheam Charter Fair is nowadays growing in popularity and is a unique, colourful and special event for Cheam Village. Held in May each year, several dozen stalls are now booked in for the Saturday closest to the Charter Day. This year the Fair will take place on 16th May. In an effort to increase still further the special feel of the event, activities are spreading throughout the week, and Cheam Charter Week is now emerging as an entity in itself. The Committee Members of Cheam Chamber of Trade have agreed to promote the idea of a Late Night Shopping Evening, staged in the middle of the Charter Fair week on Thursday 14th May. It won’t be the grand affair that we organise at Christmas, but all shopkeepers, restaurants and businesses are asked to stay open beyond the normal daytime trading hours, and if possible provide special events, offers, discounts or promotions to make the event special. The hope is that extra business can be brought into the Village, and that greater awareness of what we have to offer will be the result, leading to increased footfall over subsequent days and weeks, as at Christmas. PLEASE SUPPORT THE INITIATIVE BY AGREEING TO STAY OPEN LATE ON THURSDAY 14th MAY, AND IF POSSIBLE, TRY TO PROMOTE THE EVENT WITH SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS AND OFFERS.