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Radio Jackie Promotions & Roadshow for Cheam Village Sponsorship Opportunity

We have an interesting and exciting sponsorship opportunity for all in Cheam Village for a Radio Jackie event. If you are interested, read on…

UntitledThe Old Post Office
110 Tolworth Broadway
T: 020 8288 1300
F: 020 8288 1312

Radio Jackie Promotions & Roadshow for Cheam Village : Small Rig Friday 6th December 2013


On-air live reads and presenter promotion running across 3 days to promote Radio  Jackie’s role at the roadshow event from 4/12/2013 to 6/12/2013


Support message adding an extra dimension to the overall communication and driving advance awareness and excitement.

An average of 15 event promotions across the period, mentions by the presenters who are attending the show.

Copy / Production, etc

The live reads detail the excitement of the event, highlighting that we are taking Radio Jackie to the event..

Tag line key points & info for pre-promotes & talk ups to be supplied by Cheam Village, and then worked into a radio friendly script.

Small Rig Public Address and Event Co-ordination

Attendance by the Radio Jackie Road show small rig team – full PA system, presenters & support team, (18.00 till 21.00), excluding set up time. Give away T Shirts.

A power supply needs to be supplied by the Cheam Village

Production / Promotion / Roadshow guideline cost:


  • Pre-Promotion with live reads.
  • Attendance by presenters and crew
  • Total cost: £750.00 exc vat (Special Charity costing)

Cheam Traders General Meeting

Cheam Chamber of Trade Meeting 12th September

Cheam Chamber of Trade Open for Business



Back in Business , Backing Business in Cheam!

Cheam Chamber of Trade has been revitalised, and is now back in business to promote Cheam’s business community and its surroundings. We can provide a voice for issues of concern to the business community. Please come and meet your new committee. You can learn about our plans, and we need to hear your ideas.

We hope to have Council Officers available, representatives from the Local Police Team, local Counsellors etc. We plan to make the Cheam Chamber of Trade into the forum for discussions about Cheam, and issues affecting every interested party in Cheam.


6.00pm, Thursday 12th September 2013

at St Dunstan’s Meeting Room (follow the path behind St Dunstan’s Church)

Contact: Tom Goodliffe, (Owner of Cheam Sports shop)